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I don't think it really has anything to do with folks like this man

Post in: Külföld / - by - 2020. May 22.

Exogor passes out after grinding Runescape's brand new RuneScape skill for 3 days straight

It's unhealthy yes. However, if binge-gaming to OSRS gold get 50 hours sometimes will be the killer you had it coming and will die eventually when doing something rough to the human body, like going for a jog and/or you didn't do very simple things most people do when they sit for lengthy periods of time. They stretch. Stay hydrated. If your body phone quits after gambling for quite a while like that, then you ultimately had bigger problems and it's a indication your general lifestyle was not great. Your body should be able to do these kind of things sometimes, if you are a regular person, living a semi-healthy lifestyle with decent genetics.

I don't think it really has anything to do with folks like this man, it's just kind of the nature of MMO games and how they're set up. The entire point of those games is to continuously work at progressing. It's not really even possible for you to stay at the midgame even if you wished to. You just won't spend a great deal of time there because you sort of can't. Once you get to the higher levels/end game you can't progress by leveling up anymore so rather than simply leveling you need more information to play through.

That's not a reasonable thing to say when 66% of players voted for this. Elitism comes from the fact that the few"elitist" gamers believe that they know what's ideal for RuneScape. OSRS will never get a brand new RuneScape ability since you cannot get 75% of gamers to agree about what a brand new RuneScape skill should be. First it was sailing being to"mini-game" like (fun) for a RuneScape skill, subsequently artisan being to much like Slayer (the most popular RuneScape skill in RuneScape). That's more OSRS than most RuneScape skills.

It finally should come down to what's best for RuneScape, and the item sink Warding added (the economy desperately needs it when most items are alch worth ), together with the repurposing of ring imbues along with other out of place material, and the demand for something fresh like a brand new RuneScape ability more than warranted it. Warding has been the most OSRS RuneScape skill pitched so far and cheap RuneScape gold no one could agree on what a new RuneScape skill should be.

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