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RuneScape - You shouldn't hesitate the slightest

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But, these armour sets require a SIGNIFICANT period of  OSRS gold time to attain. Till then, I'd suggest you use the Bandos and Armadyl you've put in the bank. There's little to gain from buying Nex sets, especially when you'll sell them straight once you've got POP gear.

Please be aware that all weapons and armor are now organized by level, in order of tier. Dragon requires 60 and is therefore Tier 60; Likewise Barrows are Tier 70. All weapons in the same Tier have the identical DPSthat is why a rune scimitar is similar to a rune warhammer now. Similarly, all armour sets of the same class have the same lifepoint bonuswhich is Bandos armour gives the same boost in LP as Armadyl which is also the Robes of Subjugation give.

At present, the top tier is 90 levels. You shouldn't hesitate the slightest, and go ahead and buy drygore mace. As a personal note, I saved up 100 million from scratch to purchase a Drygore mace and it's been a significant improvement. The Drygore mace, to my mind, is the best to get because of two reasons- one is that it's a bit cheaper as the Rapier or Longsword as well as the fact the fact that it's got a 9 prayer bonus.

Another thing to know is that it is true that the Combat Triangle Combat Triangle is ULTIMATE today. It's hugely different which gear you choose to wear, what attack style you employ, and so on. Monsters typically have one particular weakness which is why if you choose to use their unique attack style it's extremely effective.

This being said, you should understand that this weakness is general. Fire Giants, for example are weak against Slash attacks. This means that melee can be very effective against them. And they are particularly weak against Slash attacks. However, crush and stab work fine. But, as you can see it's difficult to  rs07 fire cape scratch them with mage.

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